Path. 11, Blindness

Through the cosmic phenomenon of invisible muons, Path. 11 sees the city as an incongruous space of close intimacies and vast distances – an entanglement of splintered memories in a global network.

With a half-life of less than two-millionth of a second, muons are extraterrestrial, radioactive particles that pass through walls and bodies.

Boedi Widjaja will use the smartphone’s CMOS image sensor to perform photography of muons even as the device is embedded in concrete; manifesting the immaterial, marking the unseen.
Path series (2012 – ongoing) looks at the migratory notions of belonging, physical movement and isolation. The series was triggered by Boedi Widjaja’s change in nationality and the broader context of relentless global, urban migration. 2020 marks the next decade of Path., building on the first ten that had pivoted around deep, personal memories of displacement.