By invitation only to photographers involved in documentary photography, conceptual art and photojournalism.

The Residency’s output can be still photography or intervention of archived Singapore photographs. Photographers can also use this opportunity to build on their existing projects. The Residency aims to enable professional photographers and visual journalists to produce works in Singapore that share and propagate the Foundation’s mission and vision.   Importantly, the Foundation aims to dialogue and provide through private gatherings of viewers the experience of personal attainment of different perspectives and new ways of “looking” at community issues in Singapore. Secondly, the Residency allows for the Photographer to connect with other Singapore-based practitioners as well as other key professionals and thinkers for dialogue and feedback.

How long is the Residency, what is funded?

Resident can specify length of time in Singapore: two weeks to maximum eight weeks in Singapore and comprises up to six weeks of photography production, allowing for time to select a community issue in Bras Basah or Punggol neighborhoods in Singapore and to develop and complete project production. Photographers can work on incorporating their Exactly residency’s output onto existing projects.

Exactly Foundation provides a grant.

For overseas photographers, funding is provided for his/her return economy class airfare (to/from Singapore, excludes cost of upgrades, excess baggage, companions’ travel), mid-range hotel accommodation for up to eight weeks in Singapore’s Bras Basah area.

There are no restrictions on Photographers’ nationalities, but Residents are responsible for applying for a valid tourist or social visitor’s pass, if needed.

Residents may apply for other grants/project funds from their own countries or in Singapore, concurrent with the Residency.

What happens at the start of the Residency?

Pre-arrival: Resident receives cost-free recommended books in carrier bag

On arrival: 1-to-2-day orientation: sessions on

  • Tour and briefing of Bras Basah/Singapore history
  • Tour of Punggol
  • Current issues overview

Who does What during the Residency?

  1. Exploration/Walk-about with Founder/Advisors on Bras Basah and/or Punggol neighborhoods (see maps below); attend community/grass root meetings
  2. By Week Two, Resident decides and agrees with Founder on community issue of interest
  3. Resident takes photographs in maximum six-week period. Copyright belongs to Resident but he/she provides irrevocable, royalty-free perpetual license on those photographs to include in Exactly Foundation’s publications (digital and paper) and in the one-to-three gifted photographs to Exactly Foundation’s archive.
  4. No commercial activity will be taken by Exactly Foundation to sell any photograph.
  5. Lead in one private sharing/dinner of photos and issues, arranged by Founder. Dinner participants take home a box of non-sellable prints and journal to run a sharing session on their own and provide written feedback.
  6. Resident conducts one discussion session with Singapore-based photographer-peer group.
  7. Decide on printing of photo-book, exhibition and follow-on involvement neighborhood’s residents.


Neighbourhood Maps

Map of Bras Basah Area

Map of Bras Basah.  (Explore Area)


Punggol Area MapMap of Punggol. (Explore Area)