Residency #14 – Tan Ngiap Heng – December 2018

Residency #14 – Tan Ngiap Heng  – Holding Space

Artist Statement

We loose a loved one to a chronic or terminal illness. Or perhaps we are the one facing this illness.
Sometimes a doctor can tell us how or what is happening, but it does not empower us. There is no turning back time, no solution to the inevitable. No one can really give us an answer to the loss of a loved one, because there is no answer. There is simply that loss.

So it is futile to attempt answering the loss. We ‘Hold Space’ for someone in pain by being there for that person. We can only be present, provide compassion, a human touch that is light. ‘Holding Space’ is simply support for living life once a part of us is lost.
This project is an attempt to ‘Hold Space’ for caregivers and people facing chronic or terminal illness, even though there is no true way to resolve the loss or even comprehend it. The process is awkward, the results too simplistic. However, in ‘Holding Space’ for one another, life continues, a part has gone, a part remains inside us.

What gives us strength to live on? Our faith? Our family? Our Community?

Mum and Dad:  Then and Now (2018)

Mum and Dad: Then and Now (2018)